HMD 2017: How can life go on?

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Before they began to talk about their experiences, many Holocaust survivors kept what they had witnessed and felt during the events of the Holocaust inside their minds.

However, once they did begun to share their 'testimonies', many survivors began to feel a sense of release and relief

By telling their story, survivors were also able to help others understand what survivors had experienced. They are also able to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive.

HMD 2017: How can life go on?

Friday, 27 January, 2017 is the day that the world will commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day (HMD). The theme for HMD 2017 is: How can life go on?

The Holocaust and other genocides raise challenging questions for individuals, communities and nations.

HMD 2017 asks audiences to think about what happens after genocide and our own responsibilities in the wake of such crimes against humanity. 

The late Author and survivor of the Holocaust, Elie Wiesel said:

'For the survivor death is not the problem. Death was an everyday occurrence. We learned to live with Death. The problem is to adjust to life, to living. You must teach us about living.'

Moving forward

Many survivors of the Holocaust and other genocides have used the arts as a method to cope, live and come to terms with their experiences.

By drawing images, writing or making music that include their memories and experiences, they are able to move on in their lives.