Government and adminstration

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Children within Theresienstadt

Image: © 2012 Yad Vashem The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority.

The many orphans were taken care of in the children’s home.

Government and adminstration

Theresienstadt was established and operated by the SS, whilst Czech police acted as ghetto guards. 

The internal administration was run in much the same way as the ghettos; an Aeltestenrat (Council of Elders) was established to oversee all day-to-day responsibilities.They were also responsible for supplying the Nazis with lists of those to be deported.

Although they were not suposed to, the Council of Elders secretly supported schooling and organised the many cultural activities within the ghetto.

Whenever possible, the Aeltestenrat worked to support and sustain Jewish prisoners of the ghetto. The activities of the council included overseeing work duties, housing, food, health and sanitation. They attempted to make sure that care was taken of the old and the young.