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This website has been created to help learners understand the essential facts of the Holocaust, its causes and its consequences. We aim to answer questions that people most often want to ask in an accessible, reliable and engaging way. Designed with the British school curriculum in mind, our content is organised across nine clearly defined and easy-to-navigate topic areas.

The Holocaust Explained includes hundreds of pages of content based on a wide variety of source material in the form of videos, images and text. It is managed by The Wiener Holocaust Library. The Library is the oldest archive of material on the Nazi era and the Holocaust in the world. It is Britain’s national Holocaust archive, and enjoys an international reputation as a leading centre of research and learning.

Advanced content

All of the main learning materials on The Holocaust Explained have been designed to be accessible to learners from the age of thirteen to eighteen. We know that different people learn at very different speeds and also in quite different ways. That is why we have added advanced content aimed at people who feel they already have achieved a good basic understanding of a topic, but who wish to explore in greater depth.

In order to activate advanced content across the site, simply click the red button on the left-hand side of each page. On the mobile version, just tap on the topic menu.


The history of the Holocaust is complex and vast. While The Holocaust Explained is not able to cover every aspect of Holocaust history, it does seek to aid understanding and help learners to navigate through the sequence of events.

For this reason, we have included a timeline of important events in the history of the Holocaust.

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