Rudi Oppenheimer was born into a Jewish family on 1 October 1931 in Berlin, Germany. Before the Second World War, Rudi, his parents, his older brother Paul and his younger sister Eve were living in Heemstede in the Netherlands.

In June 1943, Rudi and his family were detained by the Nazis and sent to Westerbork transit camp . Eight months later, in February 1944, they were deported to Bergen-Belsen .

As a result of the conditions and treatment within the camp, Rudi’s mother died in January 1945 and his father died in March 1945.

In April 1945, the Nazis forcibly evacuated Paul, Rudi and Eve from Bergen-Belsen by train. Two weeks later they were liberated by the Soviets.

After the war, Paul, Rudi and Eve settled with their aunt and uncle in London.

Rudi died in 2019. The videos below tell his story.

image for Rudi Oppenheimer